Enameling and Fusion Kiln Model #66F-TEW Digital and Window


Enameling and Fusion Kiln with Window – Patsy Croft Digital Kiln Model #66F-TEW – Small kiln with digital set point controller and 2″ x 3″ quartz window.

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Enameling and Fusion Kiln with a window. The 66F-TEW has an interior of 6″ x6″ x 6″. With this Digital Set Point Controller, select your desired temperature with simple up and down arrows for an increase or decrease in temperature. This digital jewelry kiln comes with a 2″ x 3″ Quartz Window.  A small jewelry kiln with a maximum firing temperature of 2000 degrees and a window for viewing makes this kiln a perfect choice for the jeweler that enjoys metal fusion as well as enameling.

*Digital Set Point Temperature Control
*A Quartz window
*Heavy-duty cabinet and element and real fire brick.
*Side-opening door left or right
*Front-mounted instruments for easy viewing.
*Best kilns for home and studio use.


My kilns are handcrafted and designed for use in all mediums. This kiln will help you create breathtaking jewelry or small keepsakes.

This is the  Jeweler’s Fusion kiln with a window .  A digital fusing kiln with a window, this is the best and most affordable kiln for you. Yes and we all know why. We live in a digital world and a digital kiln controller takes less attention. Now you add the convenience of a window, and wow, now you have a Cadillac piece of enameling and jewelry making equipment.

First, set the desired temperature you know your jewelry creation technique requires.

Second, give it 20 minutes to reach temperature.

Third, while it is heating you have plenty of time to prepare your artwork. And if takes you longer, this small kiln will reach your set temperature and hold it all day.

Now, this leads us to another wonderful feature! Fusion of precious metals. If you are interested in fusing metals you need a reliable kiln. One that can hold that desired temperature with little swing.

What does a swing mean? You may have noticed on your current kiln, the temperature read out might say 1500 degrees, then drop to 1480 before it recycles to 1500 degrees. This is while you are firing with your door closed. And this is normal for kilns. But the beauty of Patsy Croft Kilns is the swing can be 2-3 degrees.

Why is this so important? Because when you have invested your time to create a jewel and you have invested the money for precious metals, you want to know you can rely on that set temperature to flash or fuse the metals. The temperature you have researched and tested that allows your choice of metal to reach its surface melting point allowing the parts to fuse together perfectly.

I stop for lunch and turn the kiln off, after 30 minutes the kiln has dropped to 900 degrees. At a flip of the switch this kiln has regain it’s temperature in 7 minutes. Sweet! Another feature I am proud of is when you open the door to place your artwork into the kiln, and close the door, it regains correct temperature in 30 sec!

Even though I grew into enameling and fusing precious metals, with no digital controller and no window with success, but plenty of loss. It is very nice now to know exactly where you are on the temperature hold point.  And my kiln is the only kiln programed to hold that set point for your success of the flash!


Start creating with confidence! Order today the best enameling and jewelry kiln, the most important tool in your studio.

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Additional information

Weight 29.00 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

55F: Interior 5″ x 5′ x 5″, 77F: Interior 7" x 7" x 7", 88F: Interior 8" x 8" x 8", 99F: Interior 9" x 9" x 9"