Enameling Kiln Model #55F-IP – Analog Kilns at best


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Interior 5″ x 5′ x5″
Exterior 10″ x 10″ x 16″H
Watts 1560, Amp 13, Volts 120
Plugs into a standard 110 outlet
Solid Firebrick and Stainless Steel Exterior
2 Year Warranty
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Enameling Kiln Model #55F-IP for sale – made in the USA! Best jewelers analog kilns – affordable kilns made by Patsy Croft. Check out this portable kiln’s specifications – Built-in Analog Pyrometer, fires quickly to enameling temperature. Heats to 1500 degrees in 5 minutes! Please read the operating instructions before ordering.

Feel free to check out more enameling kilns available on the site, or learn more on kilns here.

Best enameling kiln specifications:

Stable Temperature Control
• Heavy-duty cabinet and element
• Side-opening door left or right
• Front-mounted instruments for easy viewing.
• Manual or automatic controllers
My jewelry kilns are handcrafted and designed for use in all media. This kiln will help you create breathtaking jewelry or small keepsakes.
Remember as you dream of your main piece of equipment to create your jewels, all my kilns are hand made at the time of order. This means any customization is possible! This is your Jewelry Kiln.
Contact me today! patsy@croftkilns.com and start creating.
My Enameling Kilns hold temperature beautifully. Like any analog kiln, you have to find your sweet spot for firing. I am happy with a startup on high, then when reaching 1200 degrees I will turn it down to 3 on the dial. and be able to hold at 1400. Of course the temp. drops when opening and closing the door as any kiln would and within a minute it has regained temperature. As the day goes on the fire bricks become soaked, this means the fire bricks have absorbed the heat and hold it well. You may need to turn your down a few degrees in the afternoon.

This my analogy kiln meaning you do need to monitor it. They are the best, quality built, small kiln and get the job done quickly!

The most affordable small jewelry kiln for sale here.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 16 in

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Enameling Kiln Model #55F-IP
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 3 reviews
by Andrew on Enameling Kiln Model #55F-IP
Best potrable kiln around!

I needed a small, portable kiln which I could easily transport - and I got it here! My hobby is enameling, and after testing a couple of other enameling kilns I ordered from several online shops - this one was the best value for money. Affordable kiln, yet very pleasant to work with.

by Robin Adams on Enameling Kiln Model #55F-IP
The Kiln is great for small enamel pieces

The Kiln is great for small enamel pieces. I received mine just after finishing my second advanced enamelling course (using an earlier kiln) and decided to try my favorite enamelling technique of Plique_a_jour. Mainly because of the large quartz window, I got lucky from the start and am now progressing well with some amazing pieces. The important thing for me, is that the kiln's ease of use together with the window enabled me to get through the early stages of learning this technique which with my earlier kiln would have ended in frustration. Hence I can now embark on some serious new learning. Thanks much. Robin A.

by Annie Pennington, Associate Editor, Art Jewelry magazine on Enameling Kiln Model #55F-IP
Art Jewelry magazine review

Thanks for letting us test one of your kilns, Patty. I reviewed the analog kiln in the March 2013 issue of Art Jewelry magazine, and I was impressed! Here's an excerpt from the review: "Plug it in, turn the dial to 'HI,' and five minutes later, you're ready to enamel." "I was impressed with the lack of heat loss when I opened the door to take a peek at my enameled copper..[and] in
10–20 seconds it was back to temperature." This is a great kiln!

Shipping outside US

Even though located in the USA – my portable kilns are available for sale worldwide! I built my enameling kilns to last and by being portable shipping is made easy. Even though the ordering system on the site is limited to continental USA – There is no limitation from where customers can order this product. Just keep in mind that these use 110 outlet.

We’ve now shipped our portable kilns to Canada, Australia and Malaysia! Even with shipping my portable kilns are among the most affordable kilns on the market. Just email me for a quote via form below.