Kiln Wash


Enameling / jewelry kiln wash.

It is a good idea to add kiln wash to the floor of your new kiln. I am sure you know how easily enamels can slide off and land on the kiln floor.

The kiln wash makes it easier to clean up.

Happy Enameling!

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Shipping outside US

Even though located in the USA – my portable kilns are available for sale worldwide! I built my enameling kilns to last and by being portable shipping is made easy. Even though the ordering system on the site is limited to continental USA – There is no limitation from where customers can order this product. Just keep in mind that these use 110 outlet.

We’ve now shipped our portable kilns to Canada, Australia and Malaysia! Even with shipping my portable kilns are among the most affordable kilns on the market. Just email me for a quote via form below.