Warranty & Shipping Patsy Croft Kilns has a 2-year warranty.

You can reach me at 205-478-9977 EST. We are available to start troubleshooting problems with you by phone. If I can not help you I will get you in touch with a technician. We do try to resolve issues by phone to avoid shipping, and I have had great success this way. If you need weekend help you can always email me patsy@croftkilns.com

All parts on Patsy Croft Kilns have a 2-year warranty. The only exception to our parts warranty is the element. Elements can be damaged if you touch it with a metal object, such as your fork when placing the trivet into the kiln. Another thing that can short out your element is if you accidently dumped enamel on it. 

Now if problems cannot be solved by phone you can request a return. Labor and shipping would be at the owner’s expense.


At Patsy Croft Kilns we try to build and ship at the end of the second working week. Currently as of Nov 2020 I reopened the building of this awesome kilns and orders went off the chart, we are backed up and kilns are shipping in 6-8 weeks. I am not a big company and all kilns are built as ordered.   You will be notified of your tracking number as soon as available. $85.00 flat rate shipping to keep things simple in the Continental US. 

Claims for Damages

Our shipments are insured with the carrier. If there is visible damage to the container when it is delivered, please take a quick photo and save the packaging material for inspection by the carrier. You can always let me know also. Do not return it to us, or you will jeopardize recovery cost.

Enjoy your Patsy Croft Kilns.