Warranty & Shipping Patsy Croft Kilns

                                                Warranty & Shipping Patsy Croft Kilns has a 2-year warranty.

You can reach me at 205-478-9977. We are available to start troubleshooting problems with you by phone. If I can not help you I will get you in touch with a technician. We do try to resolve issues by phone to avoid shipping, and I have had great success this way. If you need weekend help you can always email me patsy@croftkilns.com

All parts on Patsy Croft Kilns have a 2-year warranty. The only exception to our parts warranty is the element in two cases.

First on an on the analog kiln, which is the IP Model if it is left on high and reaches a temperature exceeding 2200 degrees for an extended period of time you will burn out the element. When you reach your desired temperature, which happens quickly, turn it down to 3 or 3.5 and have fun all day.

Second, these are small chamber kilns, this makes them portable and helps them heat to the desired temperature fast. I have seen artist touch the element with their firing fork or accidentally dumped their enamels on the element which will damage the element. Caution should be taken to understand this.  But accidents happen and elements are replaceable and I am happy to help you.

Now if problems cannot be solved by phone you can request a return. Labor and shipping would be at the owners’ expense.


At Patsy Croft Kilns we try to build and ship at the end of the second working week. I am not a big company and all kilns are built as ordered. I will let you know if there will be any holdup.  You will be notified of your tracking number as soon as available. $75.00 flat rate shipping to keep things simple in the Continental US. For shipping quotes outside the US, contact me at patsy@croftkilns.com or 205-478-9977, 9-5 Central Time, Monday – Friday.

Claims for Damages

Our shipments are insured with the carrier. If there is visible damage to the container when it is delivered, please take a quick photo and save the packaging material for inspection by the carrier. You can always let me know also. Do not return it to us, or you will jeopardize recovery chances.

Enjoy your Patsy Croft Kilns and visit more kilns  https://croftkilns.com/kilns-jewelry-enameling-pmc-glass-ceramics/