Kiln Setings Video Instructions for Patsy Croft Kilns of Enameling and Jewelry



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The Built-in Digital Set Point Controller on the 55F-TE and the 55F-TEW Kilns

Enameling and Jewelry Kiln operating instructions.

The TEC220 Three-button Controller is a highly accurate and customizable instrument. In this installation, the controller’s basic setpoint functions are used to reach your target temperature rapidly. Once plugged in and after an initial startup sequence, the controller displays the current interior kiln temperature in degrees Fahrenheit (°F). With the “ELEMENTS ON” toggle switch in the UP/ON position, the kiln will immediately begin to heat and will seek the last programed set point temperature.

To change the target temperature: 

  1. With the toggle in the off position, press the SET key (first key on left) until you see the displays SPI.
  2. Now press  the “UP” or “DOWN” Arrow keys to your desired temperature.
  3. Then press both the up and down keys at the same time to see your new set temperature.
  4. It will began to recalibrate to the new set point temperature.

Opening the kiln door during heating will cause the temperature to drop quickly. Temperature recovery to your set point is rapid.  I fire at 1400 degrees on average and I can open the door, place my jewel in side, close the door and the temperature has regained my set point in several seconds.

My kilns do not have a silent relay. I choose this because it clicks which is a signal to me it is at temperature. And a reminder the kiln is on before leaving the studio.

Be aware that the kiln’s elements are “ON” and may have 120 volts to them when the toggle is in the UP/ON position. Always flip the toggle to the off position,  “elements off” when you are finished firing.


Adjusting your kiln settings

Kiln Setings Video


Latch – How it Works