Before creating Patsy Croft Kilns brand, I have been enameling for over 24 years and worked with various brands of kilns. I began teaching enameling in 2000 upon returning to the Continental US. Visiting schools to teach workshops was a good way to see many brands of kilns, how they worked and how they hold up.

From my experience I saw many enameling kilns that wobbled when opening and closing the door or a jewelry kiln with a latch that had to be pushed hard to close the door. On some the hinge and latch deteriorated quickly. I have seen enameling kilns spike in temperature and destroy an artist’s work. In searching for a small kiln that was portable that I could move around easily, I bought several.  But I still could not find one that was of the quality I expect.

* I needed a kiln that does not wobble when I place my jewelry enamel creations inside and close door. After applying my enamels to dimensional forms even a little jar would loose small grains of enamel.

* I needed a kiln that fires to temperature quickly. There are days in the studio I am only testing enamel colors to decide if this is the right color for a jewel I am building. And it is great to have your kiln reach temperature quickly to test new enamel colors you just bought, or maybe test layering a couple of enamel colors you have not used together before. These points were and are important to me.

I needed a kiln that regains temperature quickly. If you open the door to pick at your jewelry creation, you want it back to temperature to continue you journey. My small fire boxes along with the thick firebrick holds heat and insures a quick return.

Many years ago I had a couple of gentlemen build my long time and most important tool in the studio. It has lived in the US, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, and back to the US. Once back to the US it has been moved to 5 different locations. Well traveled, and still works perfect with not one visit for repairs.

Patsy Croft Kiln -frontPatsy Croft Kiln -door openPatsy Croft Kiln -detailPatsy Croft Kiln -detail


The hinges are original and the latching system again is completely intact. And it has never spiked or stopped working. After four years of asking these gentlemen, they agreed to build a small kiln version of my original kiln. And it is built in the US. —The Patsy Croft Kilns.

With our small kiln fire box of 6″ x 6″ x 6″ and an overall exterior size of 11″ x 11″ x 18″ it can sit on a kitchen counter for home use, or fit in a small studio. With 1560 watts, 13 Amps and 120 Volts it can be plugged into a standard outlet.  In my moving my studio 12-13 times I loved to be able to arrive in a new location and just plug her in and get started.

And that is exactly what you can do. The enameling kiln 66F-TEW  fires to enameling temperature in 10 minutes. If you want to enamel after arriving home from a day job, in 10 minutes you are ready to play.  You can see a collection of my cloisonne enamel jewelry works – made with Patsy Croft Kilns!

   The 66F-TEW is perfect!


Solid fire brick, solid fire brick                                    Stainless Steel Body,   Stainless Steel Body


Elements that are not embedded. You can change them if you ever need to.

embedded kiln elements



Tight Hinges, Tight Hinges                       A latch that rarely gets closed Kiln close up of latch

In fact the hinges are so tight, I have been enameling in the first one we built for two years and have not latched the door. I can peek in to check my work and close it with minimum heat loss.

You can contact me by phone or email:
(205) 478-9977


                                We are happy to change the door swing or window direction upon request. Or build you a larger kiln!

                                                    With the same quality I build my jewelry my team builds these kilns for you.