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With 24+ years of experience in enameling industry, I decided to create the best kilns for jewelry artist around the globe. I`ve put a lot of effort in creating products that I personally love to use in my daily routine while creating cloisonne jewelry. With these enameling kilns for jewelry, or glass, ceramics or PMC I have a line of accessories that would ease up your creation process.

Customer Reviews

Love it! I use a large kiln for enameling multiple pieces at one time, but it’s just too big for my one of a kind cloisonne. This little gem is “just the right size” for doing smaller task including annealing and individual pieces. It really does heat up to 1500 degrees in about 5 minutes! Stays super hot inside, even when opening door, yet you don’t feel like your going to melt your arm off when placing your “jewel” inside- a problem on the larger kilns. I had a handle put on mine so I can take it with me on my many travels. Easily works on a kitchen countertop when there’s no studio available. One of the best investments I’ve made. Of course, I knew it would be perfect from the start with Patsy Croft designing it. Thanks for a support product!

Wendy Edwards

Best Kilns for jewelry are available worldwide!

Even though located in the USA – my portable kilns are available for sale worldwide! I built my enameling kilns to last and by being portable shipping is made easy. Even though the ordering system on the site is limited to continental USA – There is no limitation from where customers can order this product. Just keep in mind that these use 110 outlet.

We’ve now shipped our portable kilns to Canada, Australia and Malaysia! Even with shipping my portable kilns are among the most affordable kilns on the market. Just email me for a quote.