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We are excited to announce we are embarking on a new journey!

Croft Kilns is thrilled to announce that as of this week, we will be under the fresh stewardship of a new owner, Seronia Harris Everett, who is as passionate about crafting high-quality kilns as we are. Serona is a long-time artist and highly-skilled maker. From helping airplanes safely navigate the skies as a meteorologist in the Air Force and welding Humvees and military weaponry in the U.S. Army, to enameling jewelry and stained-glass windows for miniature doll houses and blacksmithing hand crafted knives. Seronia is a master in her craft, and brings a skilled approach to our beloved kiln creation operation. The heart and soul of our craftsmanship will remain unchanged, as we continue to deliver the excellence you’ve always known.

To ensure a seamless transition and maintain our commitment to quality, I, Patsy Croft will stay on as a counselor for the next five years. Join us as we step into this bright new era, continuing to create with the same dedication and love for the art of enameling and jewelry making!

             We plan to began taking orders the first of Dec. Details to follow.







Patsy Croft Kilns

The 66F-TEW with the interior size of 6″ x 6″ x 6″

Digital Kiln with window


Start creating with confidence! Order today the best jewelry and enameling kiln, the most important tool in your studio.

   I needed a kiln that regains temperature quickly.  With this kiln you can open the door to place your  jewel inside, close it and be back to temperature in 30 seconds to continue you journey.


Affordable Kilns Model #66F-TEW

Solid Firebrick

My small firing chamber of 6″ x 6″ x 6″ interior, along with the thick firebrick holds heats very well, 

The  66F-TEW kiln fires to 1500 degrees temperature in 20 minutes. If you want create jewels  after arriving home from a day job, you are ready to play quickly.



Quality Top to Bottom!

If you know me and my work from the jewelry and enameling world, you know I believe in quality. Every part of these kilns have the same expetation as I place on my jewels.

Stainless steel construction, tight hinges give you the option to close latch, quartz window to monitor your progress, no wobbly feet.

Patsy Croft Kilns

High quality portable kilns made in USA

25+ years of experience in enameling industry, and frustrated with kilns avaiIable to us, I decided to create the best kiln for artist. After lots of reasearch, trials, finding the best materials, and made in the USA, I am very proud to have this kilns to share with you. With this kiln for jewelry, or glass I also keep on hand a line of accessories that will ease up your creation process.

Customer Reviews

Love it! I use a large kiln for enameling multiple pieces at one time, but it’s just too big for my one of a kind cloisonne. This little gem is “just the right size” for doing smaller task including annealing and individual pieces. It really does heat up to 1500 degrees in about 5 minutes! Stays super hot inside, even when opening door, yet you don’t feel like your going to melt your arm off when placing your “jewel” inside- a problem on the larger kilns. I had a handle put on mine so I can take it with me on my many travels. Easily works on a kitchen countertop when there’s no studio available. One of the best investments I’ve made. Of course, I knew it would be perfect from the start with Patsy Croft designing it. Thanks for a support product!

Wendy Edwards