Enameling Kilns for making Cloisonne (and other types of) Jewelry, made in USA!

High Quality Enameling Kilns for home use by Patsy Croft

Enameling Kiln Model #55F-IP – Analog Kilns at best

Enameling Kiln Model #55F-IP for sale – made in USA! Best jewelers kilns – affordable kilns made by Patsy Crof. Check out this portable kilns specifications – Built-in Analog Pyrometer, fires quickly to enameling temperature. Heats to 1500 degrees in 5 minutes! Please read operating instructions before ordering.

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Only $525

Plus a flat rate of $75.00 shipping in Continental US.

Additional Information

  • Interior 5" x 5' x5"
  • Exterior 10" x 10" x 16"H
  • Watts 1560, Amp 13, Volts 120
  • Plugs into a standard 110 outlet
  • Solid Firebrick and Stainless Steel Exterior
  • 2 Year Warranty
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Best potrable kiln around!

I needed a small, portable kiln which I could easily transport - and I got it here! My hobby is enameling, and after testing out a couple of kilns I ordered from several online shops - this one was the best value for money. Affordable kiln, yet very pleasant to work with.

by Annie Pennington, Associate Editor, Art Jewelry magazine on Enameling Kiln Model #55F-IP
Art Jewelry magazine review

Thanks for letting us test one of your kilns, Patty. I reviewed the analog kiln in the March 2013 issue of Art Jewelry magazine, and I was impressed! Here's an excerpt from the review: "Plug it in, turn the dial to 'HI,' and five minutes later, you're ready to enamel." "I was impressed with the lack of heat loss when I opened the door to take a peek at my enameled copper..[and] in10–20 seconds it was back to temperature." This is a great kiln!

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