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High Quality Enameling Kilns for home use by Patsy Croft

Enameling Brush

My enameling brush is hand made in Beijing and a fine accessory to add to your enameling tools.

They are designed to pick up one grain of enamel and place it right where you need it. The sable brushes seem to collect the enamels in the point and will not let go. This can get very frustrating.

Reach those tiny corners in your work with this fine point enameling brush!

The rabbit hair on the outer layer of the enameling brush allows the brush to swell with water. Using capillary action the enamel is attracted to the brush, and easily released to a  moist pallet on your jewel.

On large surfaces the my enameling brush can float enamel to a smooth finish. And what a delight it is to use it in floating enamels on a water bubble for plique a jour!

You will be very pleased you tried this brush and added it to your enameling tools.

Only $15.00

Plus a flat rate of $5.00 shipping in Continental US.

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