High Quality Kilns by Patsy Croft

Kilns for Jewelry, Enameling, PMC, Glass and Ceramics. Hot, Fast, Portable and Affordable.

Built with the jeweler of enameling in mind, tailored to many craft needs

“I am excited to have these small, powerful Kilns for Enameling and Jewelry built and getting them out to other artists. I have been asked for years what kiln I would recommend and I have seen problems with many of them. My Patsy Croft Kilns are superior in quality.

These kilns are excellent for home artist use or to take on the road as an instructor; solid, sturdy and built to last a lifetime, no rock or wobble. Special attention is placed to the latching system, making it easier to place your jewel in the kiln. The interior is solid fire brick, if you ever need to replace an element it’s not a problem, with elements embedded in fiberboard, when it is gone it’s gone!”

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We’ve now shipped our kilns to Canada,  Australia and Malaysia! Just email me for a quote.

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